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What do we do?

Climbing Sucre provides extreme sports adventures, including outdoor rockclimbing and bouldering, indoor bouldering, and puenting. We offer half-day, full-day and multiple day trips, for individuals as well as groups.

Our objective of Bolivia as a climber’s paradise

Bolivia offers a broad range of rarely known or even undiscovered climbing paradises, many of which can be reached while enjoying a stay in Bolivia’s cultural capital, Sucre. Climbing Sucre is the only company dedicated to setting up, maintaining and expanding climbing routes in and around Sucre. With your visit we will be able to keep building an inspiring, exciting and accessible culture of rock climbing in Bolivia.

Safety first

All climbing tours are organized with expert guides and teachers, with your safety as our highest priority. This means we inspect all climbing gear before and after each use. Our guides can provide helpful advice to climbers of each level, making sure you will get the most out of your climbing experience.

Who are we?

Carlos Eduardo Vargas Tito

  • Nature Lover and environment protector
  • Outstanding athlete in Bolivia with more than 12 years of experience as a climbing instructor in different courses and levels
  • Founder and owner of the first climbing school in Bolivia, certified guide in Bolivia with a specialty in rock climbing
  • Developing the climbing sport in Bolivia as a builder of new routes and climbing sectors
  • Climber with level in boulder V10 and in lead climbing 8a

Rosío Terán Chavarría

  • Outstanding athlete in Bolivia with more than 7 years of experience as an Instructor and recognized guide in Bolivia with a specialty in climbing
  • Long career as an instructor in development programs
  • Current Bolivian champion in the boulder ladies category
  • Climber with level in boulder V5 and in lead climbing 7a
Outdoor climbing

Rock climbing activities

As the only company in Sucre dedicated at preparing and expanding climbing routes in and around Sucre, your reservation will help us to continue with our aim to further develop rock climbing around Sucre and in Bolivia.

Sica Sica

Ideal place for beginners in top rope with a great view over Sucre


Up to 25 meters high rocks with various difficulties. Only 15 minutes away from Sucre. Top rope and lead climbing possible.

El Eden (Potosí)

Currently the best climbing area in Bolivia. Climbing and Bouldering in all kinds of difficulties. Located in Potosí. We offer one-day or multi-day tours.

Bouldering in La Cueva

Ideal place for outdoor bouldering

Climbing Courses

We offer climbing courses from beginners to experienced climbers

Boulder Gym

Come and train with us in the first and only Boulder Gym in Sucre! We also offer clases and training programs for adults and children. Contact us for more information regarding opening hours and prices.


Come and dare to live a new experience. Jump from the highest bridge in Bolivia. Contact us for more information!